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Fasting for better Health and Life!

June 6, 2016

شركه فلوريدا العالميه للسياحه الطبيه تهنا العالم العربي و الاسلامي بمناسبه حلول شهر رمضان المعظم Florida Medical Tourism wishes you a very Happy Blessed Month of Ramadan

Very exciting recent research from the University of South California and previously at University of Utah showed that intermittent  fasting would not only improve health, lipid profile, blood sugar levels, loose weight and thus decrease blood pressure and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality as well as many of chronic diseases( obesity, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, hyperglycemia, and increase energy level by reducing the calories taken. Chronic disease contribute to 86% of total healthcare dollars spent. Fasting also gives the body the opportunity to get rid of dead cell as there is a continuous cell turnover taking place known as ( Apoptosis) or programmed cell death as they replaced by young healthy cells.

Intermittent fasting increases body responsiveness to natural Insulin secreted by the pancreas which is the opposite to when the sensitivity to Insulin decreases leading to diabetes and heart failure.
Many of us turn to eating when stressed which becomes a bad habit , thus fasting helps us to handle stress better with many psychological benefits of peace and tranquility as well.

Longer hours of fasting will lower levels of IGF , a growth factor hormone linked to aging and cancer risk. Other studies showed improved cognitive function with fasting. Also fasting helped regeneration of stem cells which helped repair damaged old immune system. 
Fasting shifts the body from using glucose as its primary source of energy to fat , thus start burning fat for fuel.

Honoring a global guest as the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, many can join the health benefits of fasting and it does not have to be without food or drink from Sunrise to Sunset as observing Muslims do , but can try to limit calories, skip a meal or use liquid like shakes instead of solids and still get the benefit of fasting.

Physical and psychological wellness are not the only good things that come with fasting, but also opportunity to appreciate what we have as so many in the world fast every day without a choice as they do not have the resources or means!

The wonderful traditions of the very fast passing by month of Ramadan includes fasting from sunrise to sun set, then have late evening prayers called ( Taraweeh) or Joy of the heart prayer. Giving so much charity to less fortunate fellow human beings. Share the joy of moment of fast breaking at Sunset for which any one can walk over to any Mosque and have a free dinner in a meal called ( IFTAR). There is a also spiritual fast from sins like hate, envy, jealousy,selfishness as get rid of bad habits such as smoking.  It is time to reach out to friends, family, neighbors and all humanity seeking God forgiveness and Mercy encompassing the entire globe.

The dream of a very special night ( Night of Power) most likely taking place any of the odd nights during the latter third of the money which is better than a thousand month of a life time . If you do the math correctly, this one night will be better than 84.6 years!

There is certainly a paradox of energy surge and enormous happiness with fasting , praying, reciting the Holy Quran and engaged in reflection on true purpose of life and doing the most good.

The grand prize with accepted deeds during the month of Ramadan is to be completely forgiven from all previous sins and be saved from hill fire as the spirit of Ramadan continues while having mixed feeling to see Ramadan end but also sense of accomplishment and excitement about the Feast that follows the end of Ramadan with exchange of gifts and celebration and prayers to live through the next Ramadan Season. Surprisingly, these amazing scientific data about physical,psychological benefits of fasting have confirmed what the Holy Quran 1500 years ago has indicated  in Chapter 2 Verse 184 ( If you fast, it would be better for you addressing all mankind if they only knew)!

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP
Board Certified Cardiologist
President, Clinical Appeals Services
Founder, CEO
Affordable Quality Healthcare Program
Founder, CEO
Wesley Chapel , Florida
President ,Society of Physician Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Chapter

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