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Another Successful US-Arab Business Summit

November 4, 2015

Taking a closer look into the future globally and how it is being shaped , and reflect on the lessons learned on what works and what does not , thus turning challenges into opportunities in various fields here and throughout the Arab World!

Ranging from turning Cities of today into the Smart Cities for the future , into striking a balance between maintaining safety without violating privacy when it comes to data access, collection, transfer, sharing and cyber security.

As we live in an Internet world, which has brought people closer every second involving just about every aspect of life including communications, media, finance, Healthcare and the list goes on and on. Technology is getting more sophisticated and with trillions of data being collected at an incredibly fast rate, it will be critical to have appropriate analysis for this (Big Data) making it meaningful rather than getting lost by this same data!

How smart cities models in the US and those being built in the Arab World ( Jedda , Saudi Arabia) will bring sustainable growth and with critical element of collaboration among various parties in those Smart Cities because of the extensive interwoven nature of supportive resources and services. Then, the discussion of the global impact of shifting from the traditional media into Social Media especially with close to 70% of the population in the Arab World are youth who are talented , and are  internet savvy and thus able to interact globally.

So, it is obvious that there are many areas of challenges that could be turned into opportunities for further cooperation between the US and the Arab World for mutual benefit and prosperity which will have a positive effect on global peace, energy and security.

It was impressive to see so many people across the board now learning about ( Halal Food) which is being produced right here in the USA and being exported to so many countries across the globe!  Food  unites people , so Halal Food which has  added value for good nutrition, health , wellness and fulfilling great  need for a very large world consumer market and in turn will boost US economy, create so many jobs.

Most importantly , when we sit down together, break food, share stories, learn about each other , this will break the ice, reverse negative stereotypes that has been propagated by the media for so long.  As I heard it from one of the fellow Americans  that I met  that he had very positive experience doing business in the Arab World. He told me when anyone asks him ( How was it over there?) , He responds ( I just love it!) . So, that gets rid of the negative narrative and the fear factor that could harm relationships, business deals which will in turn have deleterious effects  on global economy, energy,..etc.

Promoting these events and similar ones will bring people together globally to be problem solvers, innovators and entrepreneurs to be the model of cooperation for a better , safer World!

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP
Board Certified Cardiologist
President, Clinical Appeals Services
Founder, CEO
Affordable Quality Healthcare Program
Founder, CEO
Wesley Chapel , Florida
President ,Society of Physician Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Chapter

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