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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Tourism?


People travel to another country to receive medical, surgical and dental. Medical Tourism can be domestic by traveling in the same country to get better access to quality care at an Affordable pricing with significant savings.

More patients are traveling globally for best deals as they are searching for trust -worthy companies and Agents to be able to deliver those badly needed services. Florida Medical Tourism believes in Physician leadership for this industry and thus was founded and operated by physician entrepreneurs who have concerns to help patients /clients and advocate for their well-being, thus being a distinct option for patients to choose. Florida Medical Tourism strives to provide Airport to Airport Services.


What Specific Services offered by Florida Medical Tourism?


A.Wellness Tourism
B. Tele-Medicine for Honest second opinion
C.Various surgeries, Procedures, Health Spas and Rehabilitation services Globally.


Who are Medical Facilitators?


Medical Facilitators coordinate A-Z steps for the patients to travel and come back to home country including follow up visits especially after surgical procedures.

Giving the ever-rising cost for healthcare in the U.S and expected shrinkage of Obama Care, thus many employers and insurance companies would be looking for Medical Tourism as cost saving option which can be as high as 70-90% of US prices.

Florida Medical Tourism is working with two ( JCI Accredited Hospitals) , which comply with International Standards for Hospital care namely International Medical Center( IMC) and El Araby Hospital. These Hospitals have impressive quality and reputation and excellent pricing.


Florida Medical Tourism( FMT) is ready to cooperate with any JCI Accredited Hospital any where in the World to be able to accommodate the increasing demands for Medical Tourism Services at Affordable prices and being culturally-sensitive to bring about the best outcome to our clients when measured by any Metric!