Whether you are a big employer such as Boeing with thousands of workers , or a small, medium -sized business, individual or a hospital. They all win with Direct Contracting. When companies and providers have direct relationships via clear and transparent agreement with regards to pricing , healthcare services and quality of care delivered. The bottom line that there is significant cost saving without compromising that quality of care. As primary care or combined Primary care /Cardiovascular sub-specialty services in our Program could provide up to 95% of the patient care for a flat rate which is only a  fraction compared to the traditional coverage. 

As all businesses are looking to save money on healthcare cost, they will be considering the alternative model ( self-funding for healthcare by direct contracting). The growth of direct contacting explained in part by saving money, but also gets rid of the stressful relationship between providers and Insurance companies as while delivering the care, providers complain that they do not get paid or too little, too late which will strain their operating cash flow and eventually force them to shut down. Direct contacting is also good for the consumer looking for a break.

Employer direct contracting may also include innovative approach to cut costs to include ( Medical Travel or Domestic Medical Tourism) where employees will travel out of town or State to another part of the country to have their elective surgery done( Travel Surgery Program).

Direct contracting with Medical Providers already proved to help self-insured folks and is a viable alternative to ever escalating costs with the insurance-based model. It is simple, when services are delivered directly to businesses/consumers, this will help control unnecessary expenditures and minimize the administrative cost associated  with traditional insurance.

Putting emphasis on Wellness, disease prevention, even chronic disease or acute illness management will translate to savings to consumers and employers alike. We have zero co-payment  for any visit or testing done and people like that as this saves them big!

Adding on-site clinics will help to save costs and minimize loss of productivity when employees have to take time off work to see medical care. The data is positive and very encouraging  proving lower cost , improving care and satisfaction.

Now,  the focus would be to reach out to the community and educate small, medium businesses ,big employers and individuals that Direct contacting is the way to go as a good strategy which they should seriously consider to choose for their healthcare.

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP

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