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Monday, 29 February 2016 12:23

Support Small Business.

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Every business was once small and then grew and became a big business. This is the natural healthy sequence of events . Small business is usually referred to as the engine of the economy as 60-80% of the new jobs come from small business. Small businesses employ 57% of the country's private workforce and pay 44% of the US Payroll. Unfortunately, only 50% of these small businesses survive the first 5 years, increasing the burden on small businesses with minimal or no reserve. For example in 2009 , and average small business went bankrupt every 8 minutes as 70% of small businesses are/were owned and operated by a single person. 

Recent challenges to the small businesses have sharply increased during the current phase of  surge in merges and consolidation.

For example, there are now four major financial institutions( Citibank, Wells Fargo, Chase , Bank of America) out of previous 37 financial institutions only two decades ago . Similarly, big insurance companies are merging , so there are maybe only three or four choices for patients to choose from. The same would apply for retails shops , and local restaurants which are now being replaced by big businesses that invested in technology which makes it easier for people to order online. And since only big businesses can afford these technological advances, people usually flock towards them due to the extra services. Now also a trend towards limiting number in outpatient surgery centers as they compete with hospitals and big medical centers.

 Recent articles have echoed the looming death of small business in America and also found small business optimism is crashing as all businesses need working capitol which may not easy to access with limited options and prohibitive cost.

On the bright side, some realize what is going on and now are trying to give support back to small businesses such as Shop Small on Saturday and others to keep the traditional engine of the economy working to keep overall economy alive and well. Small businesses are going through transformation to adopt to the changing economic climate and challenges through innovation, entrepreneurship, and adopting new technologies and reaching out through social media.

There is always a niche for small business where consumers find satisfaction in quality customer service and personalized care.

We have adopted these concepts to make small business have big impact on people lives through improved health outcome, saving big for individual patients, and small  and medium sized businesses through establishing the (Direct care Medicine) as we can very much share the value of  affordable quality healthcare that does not break the bank. This has been proved over the past few years in our program and being replicated all over the nation.

 This holds true for all independent physicians who have been running their small businesses for a long time but now realize the importance of  unity, cooperation, transparency as they owe it to their customers( patients) . This will be the healthiest response to thrive during changing economic climate.

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP

Founder, CEO

Affordable Quality Healthcare Program

Founder, CEO

Wesley Chapel , Florida

Tel 877-DR ELDIN


Twitter. Adel Eldin @LCQHealthCare

President ,Society of Physician Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Chapter

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 09:59

Another Successful US-Arab Business Summit

Written by

Taking a closer look into the future globally and how it is being shaped , and reflect on the lessons learned on what works and what does not , thus turning challenges into opportunities in various fields here and throughout the Arab World!

Ranging from turning Cities of today into the Smart Cities for the future , into striking a balance between maintaining safety without violating privacy when it comes to data access, collection, transfer, sharing and cyber security.

As we live in an Internet world, which has brought people closer every second involving just about every aspect of life including communications, media, finance, Healthcare and the list goes on and on. Technology is getting more sophisticated and with trillions of data being collected at an incredibly fast rate, it will be critical to have appropriate analysis for this (Big Data) making it meaningful rather than getting lost by this same data!

How smart cities models in the US and those being built in the Arab World ( Jedda , Saudi Arabia) will bring sustainable growth and with critical element of collaboration among various parties in those Smart Cities because of the extensive interwoven nature of supportive resources and services. Then, the discussion of the global impact of shifting from the traditional media into Social Media especially with close to 70% of the population in the Arab World are youth who are talented , and are  internet savvy and thus able to interact globally.

So, it is obvious that there are many areas of challenges that could be turned into opportunities for further cooperation between the US and the Arab World for mutual benefit and prosperity which will have a positive effect on global peace, energy and security.

It was impressive to see so many people across the board now learning about ( Halal Food) which is being produced right here in the USA and being exported to so many countries across the globe!  Food  unites people , so Halal Food which has  added value for good nutrition, health , wellness and fulfilling great  need for a very large world consumer market and in turn will boost US economy, create so many jobs.

Most importantly , when we sit down together, break food, share stories, learn about each other , this will break the ice, reverse negative stereotypes that has been propagated by the media for so long.  As I heard it from one of the fellow Americans  that I met  that he had very positive experience doing business in the Arab World. He told me when anyone asks him ( How was it over there?) , He responds ( I just love it!) . So, that gets rid of the negative narrative and the fear factor that could harm relationships, business deals which will in turn have deleterious effects  on global economy, energy,..etc.

Promoting these events and similar ones will bring people together globally to be problem solvers, innovators and entrepreneurs to be the model of cooperation for a better , safer World!

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP

Founder, CEO

Wesley Chapel , Florida

Tel 877-DR ELDIN

Low Cost Quality Healthcare Program.


Twitter. Adel Eldin @LCQHealthCare

President ,Society of Physician Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Chapter

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 09:58

Cyber Security

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So many billions of dollars are lost due to various cyber security breaches! The internet has made it possible for all kinds of data, such as Financial data, biologic data, personal data and health data to give few examples.

Once hacking takes place , the consequences could be devastating to individuals, companies, corporations and even governments.

There is so much ( identity theft) that is going around, with fake deals and offers online for jobs in firms, hospitals, unbelievable offers for business finance which all sound too good to be true! This will hopefully make you suspicious and as clock work , you try to do your due diligence and check out these entities that disappear immediately , their website becomes inactive and their phone numbers will have a recording ( you have reached a non working number which is no longer in service).

Lucky, before  your financial data is released to someone who would take you to the cleaners as it would be very difficult to recover what was stolen!

So, be vigilant and be aware of these tricks,none of the promised treats  as we approach ( Halloween). So education, taking precautions and apply appropriate firewalls and report incidents before someone else becomes the next victim.

So, cooperation among individuals, nations, with teamwork between public and private sectors is required and very badly needed locally and globally to avoid crippling systems crashing and shut down.

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP

Founder, CEO

Wesley Chapel , Florida

Tel 877-DR ELDIN

Low Cost Quality Healthcare Program.


Twitter. Adel Eldin @LCQHealthCare

President ,Society of Physician Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Chapter

If you live in Tampa  Bay area , you should be excited about the effort that is being done to make Tampa Bay a World destination for Medical Tourism. Why not, and Florida has been visited by millions every year ,so in addition to beautiful beaches and vibrant cultural diversity with places like Busch Gardens , Aquarium , Lowery Park Zoo and the list goes on . Tampa Bay happens to have great Medical Institutions providing World class  services such as Moffitt Cancer  Center , All Children Hospital with its International Program run by John Hopkins Medicine International, Tampa General Hospital where there are more Para thyroid surgeries done there more than any other facility anywhere just to name a few. Tampa is also a natural extension of Orlando as it is one hour straight shot on Interstate 4  in the heart of many Disney World attractions and Tampa International Airport is easily accessible directly without changing flights with the recent Lufthansa started operating its non stop flights from Frankfurt , Germany to Tampa International, what a great service to so many travelers especially those coming from the Middle East and North Africa  , just like Emirates Airlines opened a non stop flight from DubaI to Orlando last month!

This is expected to bring in a lot of folks to our home town Tampa and with education and improved culturally-sensitive services will help to bring lot of jobs and economic prosperity to Tampa Bay and beyond. Welcoming those visitors , speaking the language will be a plus like Spanish or Arabic for example will help to get rid of anxiety and put them at ease and feel home right away!

We have developed a pilot phase of  Wellness Tourism Program where anyone visiting our Tampa Bay can take advantage of while spending the day with us having Fun and also get a Wellness Check . So it is not only who are coming for a specific procedure or treatment, but their families and friends who are coming along can take advantage of this unique feature as everyone is being encouraged to get into healthy life style while enjoying the Sunshine State visit. 

Together, we can show case Tampa Bay to the world and will be delighted to provide and coordinate and streamline services to make a very favorable overall experience as we strive to do in Florida Medical Tourism.

Yes, tell your friends and loved ones to come and visit with us in Tampa Bay with us , relax while you recover , have a Wellness check and recharge your battery here in Tampa, Florida!

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP

Founder, CEO

Wesley Chapel , Florida

Tel 877-DR ELDIN

Low Cost Quality Healthcare Program.


Twitter. Adel Eldin @LCQHealthCare

President ,Society of Physician Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Chapter

Sunday, 30 August 2015 12:02

To Bundle or not to Bundle payments

Written by

Who decides who gets how much and based on what? Usually the doctors who fix patients and do the real work, now get paid the least. To give and example of how much, if a patient gets a heart attack and comes to the hospital by an ambulance they first go to the Emergency Room then to the Catheterization-Lab and is then evaluated for open-heart surgery. Post operation the patient may need repeated trips to the operating room whether to stop bleeding or to remove blood clots or to end manage cardiac arrhythmia which is very common as up to 50% of cases go through this. Some patients may need device therapy such as pace-makers for very slow heart rhythm which is common in the elderly who have diseased electrical systems as well as clogged arteries (plumbing). So the average stay of a patient with no complications is 5-7 days which could extend with minor complications to 10 days. If there are more complications such as recurrent fluid build-up (congestive heart failure) or fluid in the lungs (pleural effusion) that needs to be drained by using a chest tube for a few extra days so that may push the hospital stay up to three weeks or beyond. 

If God forbids, the patient develops a stroke post operatively or goes into acute renal failure, requiring dialysis or can not even get off the ventilator because of bad lungs or bad heart or a combination of both then you are talking about long-term care as well as a huge bill as a consequence.

Let us say the average bill for the above patient would range between $200,000-250,000 however guess how much the surgeon gets? $1500 if lucky and with bundle payments this amount is likely to decrease for the doctors as most payments go to the hospital. This pushes independent physicians to go out of business or pushes them to be an employed physician with almost zero job security as reported by many colleagues, they could be fired for any cause (reasonable or unreasonable). Even worse, there could be no notice and they could be fired on the spot only adding to their devastation of those great talented physicians who we already are suffering a shortage in. 

My humble suggestion for the future of care delivery to have a fair compensation that should be secured for those in charge of delivering the care,  i.e doctors. And not those who are controlling the flow of money and are getting paid with the top dollars according to recently published CMS (Center of Medicare Service) are the business executives, CEOs, administrators as physicians pay lag behind. Similar scenarios in patients who may have a slip and fall accident, sustain a fracture call EMS, go to the ER, are seen by the orthopedic surgeon, get surgery, get in hospital and post discharge rehab with all their bills being bundled. 

The best model to date that should be considered as a solution is offered by the Surgery Center of where a patient/ consumer shops for the best services and the best prices. To given an example

Arthroscopy bilateral knee - $5,300

Femoral-Popliteal bypass graft with vein- $10,700

Inguinal Hernia Repair- $3,060

Pace-maker placement includes device/leads- $11,400

Cataract Surgery (one eye)- $4,000

Hip Replacement surgery- $19,400

Simple fracture requiring open reduction - $4,455

Simple fracture, closed reduction with cast- $1,925

Laser varicose veins therapy upper or lower (one side)- $2,700

Adenoidectomy- $2,695

I remember very well about 14 years ago I was charge 24,000 for a six hour stay for an Adenoidectomy surgery for my daughter and insurance denied payment (citing it was a pre-existing condition!). Which I had to fight and they finally paid to the hospital.  There is a breaking point which is about to happen in the current healthcare system as it is unsustainable and would require adapting these models mentioned for the future practice of medicine. 

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP

President , Society of Physician Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Chapter

Founder, CEO

Low Cost Quality Healthcare Program.

Founder, CEO


Twitter. Adel Eldin @LCQHealthCare

Toll Free 877-DR-ELDIN

Friday, 24 July 2015 08:47

U.S-Arab Health Cooperation

Written by

As the globalization of the healthcare is becoming a reality with the world becoming more interconnected through social media and internet on a constant basis than ever before in areas like (economy,energy,environment,security, etc.) and why not healthcare? If we all agree that health is the most valuable commodity and now there is a global competition to capture this growing global healthcare market, there are unique opportunities that do exist where you combine value proposition with efficient delivery of services whether through Tele-Medicine that now even is accessible from any mobile phone or physically traveling to get a procedure or a surgery that you need through medical tourism.

In medical tourism, patients now shop globally for the best services and best prices.

So what comes to mind for the US to become successful in getting the business of Arab health, there has to been common values providing the best care with respecting deeply routed cultures and traditions to make patients comfortable which will in turn contribute positively to healing both physically and mentally. It helps get rid of stranger anxiety and stress through proper navigation across the geographic, cultural, and linguistic barriers. And through professional services to the patient that are coupled with universal values of compassionate care only then will be able to gain the trust of the patients.

Trust is something that cannot be bought and was the most discussed issue when I had the pleasure of attending the U.S-Arab Healthcare Summit in New York City last June which was rather informative and refreshing to attend multiple panel discussions and presentations on hot topics such as Hepatitis C, Women's Health, early cancer detection, patient safety, and appropriate health screenings to reverse the very alarming rate of chronic diseases which are largely preventable by introducing wellness, proper nutrition, exercise, stress management and getting rid of bad habits such as smoking and physical inactivity. All across oil-rich GCC (Gulf Countries) and the rest of the Arab world, there is need to improve healthcare access at all levels.

With expected increase in patient mobility as well as physicians in the in-bound and out-bound directions between the U.S and Arab world with personal, professional, and human interactions which will foster better patient care, better U.S-Arab relationships and will have a positive impact on global health and peace.

I am a proud American with deep roots in the Arab world and as a physician I would certainly invite everyone who wants to contribute to fostering good and healthy relationships in all areas of healthcare delivery. I strongly recommend to mark your calender for October 19th for the US-Arab Healthcare Summit which will be held in New York City (, and participate as a presenter, sponsor, exhibitor, or simply someone interested in becoming a part of the global community of collaboration and improvement of healthcare in the Arab world.

Dr Adel Eldin,MD, FACC,FACP

President , Society of Physician Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Chapter

Founder, CEO

Low Cost Quality Healthcare Program.

Founder, CEO


Twitter. Adel Eldin @LCQHealthCare

Toll Free 877-DR-ELDIN

By Adel Eldin, Guest columnist
Thursday, June 26, 2014 9:35am

The holy month of Ramadan begins Saturday, (June 28) and is a great opportunity for spiritual renewal with physical and health benefits.

Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset with no food or drink and have nightly prayers called Taraweeheh, (joy of the heart prayer). Department of Health guidelines in England included fasting as a way to promote comprehensive health to combat chronic diseases as diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease and degenerative arthritis.

Among the benefits of Ramadan fasting:

  • Purification of the heart because eating so much causes almost a blinding of the heart. It makes thinking and concentration difficult and makes the body sluggish and the ability to extract, memorize and analyze data is much slower. Purity of the heart and mind, achieved by fasting, helps sharpen up the brain and memory as well as the heart.
  • Softening the heart because there is frequent prayer and remembrance of God that improves mental and psychological status.
  • Removing arrogance from a person's behavior. While fasting, a person realizes how the human being is helpless and should appreciate all the bounties given from our creator. You realize that there is no room to be arrogant or feel like you are above everybody else.
  • Not forgetting the testing of God. You will know that the person who eats a lot forgets about the hungry and forgets about the thirsty. When you go through the hunger pain and the thirst, for limited hours, you will be able to relate to so many unfortunate fellow human beings who don't have all luxuries we have.
  • Combatting desire and temptation. When you eat less, you will have less temptation and you will be able to control your desires. Hunger will limit sexual desire as well as help abstinence of the tongue which includes backbiting, lying and cheating others. It also will help stop constant chocolate cravings.
  • Ridding yourself of activities and distractions that revolve around the eating such as grocery shopping and cooking. You will have more time to spend with God.
  • Limiting food-related illnesses like indigestion, distention, gas and reflux disease. Fasting also helps regulate sleeping patterns because the less one eats the more energized one feels.
  • Saving money because when you eat less you will not spend money beyond your budget. You will adapt to only eating small amounts of food, and avoid extravagant spending.

Ramadan is about sharing what God has given you with the orphan, the poor and needy because that charity will help you in this life and hereafter. Ramadan brings inner peace and happiness due to the release of natural endorphins produced with fasting, praying in large amounts and doing good deeds. Fasting is a true gift from God, and should be practiced and shared by everyone.

You don't have to do this strict fasting if you are not an observing Muslim in the month of Ramadan but you could have liquid-only diets (smoothies or shakes) rather than solids, leading to weight loss to combat obesity and fight stress. It is a true effective therapy for the human being. And, please share a sunset meal with your Muslim neighbors at any Mosque because it is the month of mercy, compassion and charity for entire humanity.

Dr. Adel Eldin is a cardiologist practicing in Brooksville and Wesley Chapel.

Column: Fasting your way to spiritual and physical health 06/26/14 [Last modified: Thursday, June 26, 2014 9:35am]

North Carolina Employer Saves $10 Million Through Medical Tourism Healthcare reform may have helped temporarily shut down the U.S. government, but The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress continues to find innovation in its reach.

Among some of the most progressive innovation found in employee benefits is domestic and international medical tourism, both topics covered at this year's annual congress. As more employers implement fixed bundled pricing at centers of excellence domestically and abroad, employers see a new way to control costs.

Full article here:

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Sunday, 21 July 2013 14:04

Medical Travel Today

Written by

Medical Travel Today (MTT):  Please share your interests in medical travel.

Adel Eldin, MD (AE):  More than 30+ years ago I worked as a tour guide while I was going to medical school, and I have always been interested in education -- educating my own patients and through with my community outreach program. 

Seeing the devastation in the healthcare industry and witnessing the need for an alternative model for both incoming and outgoing medical travel is what has prompted me to focus on the issues. 

Over the past few years, I have been watching the growth of self insurance, and the role of medical tourism in this model to reduce the costs.  The fact is, nobody in the U.S. can afford the costs of care anymore. 

I am talking referring mostly to the 65 million middle class, crushed Americans that really need help and relief. 

As medical tourism begins to fill that gap in care and to answer the needs of patients, people are now shopping globally for the best price.  It is comparable to shopping for the best prices at a mall in Manhattan or New Jersey.   

Furthermore, people who are shopping for health care are often surprised:  They may get a nice vacation as part of their travel.  Many people decide, “I am going to take care of my stress by doing the procedure, by vacationing and by saving money. Additionally, I am going to get a tax break when I get back home.”

MTT:  Where do you see people traveling to?

AE:  I think there are going to be preferred niche destinations around the globe where people feel comfortable.  Then the culture sensitive medicine factor is going to play a major role. 

So if you are a Hispanic patient with Spanish roots, you may naturally gravitate towards South America, Puerto Rico or Costa Rica.  If you are a patient from Middle East you would want to go to Egypt, Turkey, or Jordan or some other place in that region which has established facilities and staff.  They also have century-old natural resources and geography that helps in moving patients.  Additionally, there are other attractions -- monuments, sightseeing and nice touring packages.  All are available at a reduced price – so you have it made!

MTT:  Do you find that patients come to you looking for that guidance? 

AE:  I am getting the word out.  With more education, increased global partner participation, technology, social media and advertising, I believe we can get the word out to masses of folks.

MTT:  And how about for patients coming into the US?  How do they get to you?  How do they hear about you?

AE:  Once you mention Florida, people are convinced.  Florida is a world attraction because there is only one Florida.

Secondly, Florida weather and the nice attractions of Walt Disney World or Busch Gardens get people’s attention.

Additionally, I find that patients are attracted to my facility, which is extremely nice.  We serve patients and cater to their needs.  This is especially important for those who are from the Middle East and who can see by our logo that it is Arabic ---one-of-a-kind in Florida.  Our sign “Habla Espanol” also attracts Spanish patients. 

I provide patients with a cultural sense of medicine, especially those from the Middle East, Arab and Muslim world coming to the U.S. And they are coming here in big numbers. 

There are good paying customers but they haven’t been getting what they really deserve -- as far as culture-sensitive medicine.  A lot of people don’t know for instance -- and this needs a lot of education -- they don’t eat pork.  The ladies should be covered front and back in the hospital. There is also bathroom etiquette… you have to have several flushes in the bathroom for complete cleansing after you use the bathroom. 

This presents an awesome opportunity for education for bridge-building that leads to better understanding and for harmony.  It will give a lot of people in the chain a lot of business opportunities -- starting with the cab driver that picks the patient up from the airport or the escort to the hotel, the hospital or lab. 

Everyone in the entertainment and hospitality industries needs this type of education, so there are a lot of people that are going to benefit from this.  Through the interaction and education, I believe this will be a win-win deal.

MTT:  Do you think that the domestic medical travel opportunity is going to be well received in the market place where people travel from one part of the U.S. to the other to go to a Center of Excellence?

AE:   It may play a limited role right now because there are a lot of politics involved.  The bottom line for the average consumer is, “If you give me a good price and good service, I will go to you.”

Now I prefer to stay here and not go anywhere outside the U.S. If you can provide good service and a good price in the United States, people will get their care here.  But if you can’t, then people will seek it somewhere else.  Today, people are just shopping on their own via the Internet. 

We just want to be a source for patients who are looking for help and service.  We are known nationally for being strong patient advocates and for acting as a watchdog on behalf of patients. 

Therefore, a lot of people know us throughout the country, and there is a natural gravitation toward a provider that they can trust.  I believe that is a major factor – and the factor that we offer comfort and confidence to our clients and our patients. 

MTT:  As far as the types of procedures, where do you see the highest prevalence?

AE:  Statistically, orthopedics will be number one.  But then you have other procedures -- cosmetic, dental, hair replacement, eye surgery and sometimes cardiac – but heart surgery will be performed less frequency than the others.

MTT:  What other aspect of this industry merit your focus?

AE:  We have been doing the traditional cardiology internal medical practice for 15 years, and at Florida Medical Tourism there is also the value of telemedicine which leverages technology to reach our global patients worldwide. 

We also have a very unique niche:  my wife Dr. Zaher offers women’s health, which is a very new field and a very delicate and specialized one.

She has basically all of the experience to serve women -- from childbirth through menopause.  She worked as a pediatric resident and did internal medicine, and is able to address a multitude of women’s issues – from cancer screening and diabetes to heart disease and so on. 

For women to be served by a woman is very important, especially for those who are conservative and folks from Middle East, in particular, with the Muslim and Arabic culture.

I think to have someone who is bilingual and understands both cultures is an important trend here in the U.S.   It is key to have global experience and I think this will be a very comforting factor to female patients.

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